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We believe that giving attention to the aesthetic quality of the things that surround us is an ancient and deep aspiration of our species and constitutes an important distinguishing trait, a primary need. But we also feel that this attitude and these aspirations are debased by a contemporary culture that too often confuses beauty and care with ostentation and wealth, thus undervaluing the deep psychological and social repercussions.

The ability to relate, to listen to places, to the quality and pleasantness of the environments in which we live and work is essential for our everyday mental health, as psychologist James Hillman has underscored for years.
It is certainly the right of children to inhabit places that are beautiful and pleasant, and this line of furnishings aims to be a diligent promoter of this right.

How important is it for children and adults to spend their days in an environment where the colors and objects are selected and arranged with care, attention, and love? To have spaces in which the aesthetic sensibility is perceived and is part of everyday life? Places in which, as many thinkers and philosophers have reminded us, the aspiration to beauty is finally recognized and acts as a connective tissue that produces a more attentive eye and an empathic relationship in regard to that which surrounds us? What positive effects can this wealth of attention and sensitivity to the surroundings, and the greater capacity to make connections, have on education and everyday didactics? How can we assess its richness?
The care taken in designing spaces is indicative of the image of the child that underlies the pedagogical philosophy. Unfortunately, in the construction of buildings there is a tendency to pay more attention to functional aspects and conformity to standards, neglecting the interior design and rarely taking into consideration aspects such as the extent to which an environment permits or prohibits, solicits or censures, educates the eye and the sensibilities.

Another characteristic that distinguishes this line of furnishings is that it is not conceived for a limited age range or for use exclusively in the scholastic world, but for furnishing many different kinds of spaces and making them beautiful and pleasant: public places for transit or spending time, spaces for different ages, as well as private homes.
Such a broad range of uses is possible because the products have a strong characterization and a definite formal autonomy, but also because their design is based on the deep faith in a child who is born with a high level of culture and sophisticated perceptual abilities, with a wealth possibilities for re-elaboration and creativity, qualities that are elicited and fostered in children’s relationship with the environment that surrounds them.


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